High Quality Leaders need High Quality Guidance

Let yourself be held & guided with energetic, emotional, and soul-filled integrity, so that you can finally receive the recharge you need to serve your people with an overflowing cup.

If you want to transform your confusion to clarity, bring simplicity to what feels complex, ground out all the chaos, replenish your vital energy and relationships, and bring grace to the challenges you’re facing -all by someone who can match you in your intensity and create a safe space for your sensitivity at the same time?

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m the guardian angel you’ve been looking for.

Is this you?

  • You don’t do things half way – if you’re going to do something your north star is to conquer it, sometimes even at the expense of your own health, relationships, and wellbeing.
  • You suspect that you have people pleasing, perfectionism, or over giving tendencies that leave you feeling burned out and resentful of yourself or others.
  • Everyone tells you you’re way too hard on yourself, and you know it’s probably true, but you’re not sure how to stop it.
  • The professional world of leadership is a place you find your strengths and solace while the inner world of your emotions, your energy, and your relationships seems to be where your biggest challenges hide.
  • You are super interested in /  actively practicing spirituality, but know there is a lot more to discover and want to dive deeper with someone who is well practiced in it and isn’t going to feed you a bunch of fluffy new age lingo.
  • You’re simultaneously as fierce as a tigress and secretly as sensitive as a kitten and are unsure how to navigate these extremes.

If the statements above describes you then my 1 on 1 container is medicine you’ve been looking for…

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High Level Multi modaloity Trauma-Informed, Trauma Trained Coaching

FREE YOURSELF FROM PEOPLE PLEASING Master your boundaries In leadership, relationship, work, and life(20)

Foundational Library and Training for seekers and coaches -
Nervous system regulation, somatic healing, emotional mastery & more


Master Your Boundaries as a Leader in your Life


Private Mentorship:
1:1 High Touch Container


The leader in me is in service to the leader in you.
The drive in me honors the drive in you.
The skeptic in me trusts the testing you do
The dragon in me honors the fire in you.
The softness in me honors the sensitivity in you.

Hey, I’m Jess.

I’m a seasoned coach, somatic & subconscious healer, and leadership mentor for 6 & 7 figure female entrepreneur and executives & a teacher of multimodality coaching and facilitation techniques.

I’ve spent the past 12 years in full training & professional mode diving into every self development, leadership, subconscious reprogramming, and trauma healing technique to become the most holistic and well informed leader and space holder possible. I’ve traveled to far off countries to study with teachers who have spent their entire lives mastering their craft, practiced and trained for well over 20,000 hours, and taught courses and trained practitioners for years because I know that mastery comes from going to the source and totally immersing myself in the work I want to give to others.

And in that time I have learned that being a high achiever and a perfectionist makes you REALLY good at what you do, but also can make you really good at tricking yourself into thinking you are not enough unless you keep pushing your limits.

My work is dedicated to high achieving women and is a crossroads between coaching, energetics & spirituality, trauma healing, and feminine leadership. I specialize working with high powered women because I am one, and I know that we need a constant drip of insight & growth to fuel our fire while also deep down ache to LET GO, NOT BE IN CHARGE, and to be held & guided in our sensitivities and challenges.

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