A home-study mastery course for identifying, clarifying, committing to, and owning your boundaries & sovereignty.

Does this sound familiar?

“Am I doing this for me, or for them?”
Not being sure if you’re doing something because YOU want to do it or because someone else thinks its a good idea and says you “should”
The Guilt Hangover
Feeling terrible after creating a boundary, questioning yourself, and feeling like you’re a bad person for sticking up for yourself.
Feeling unheard or unseen
You’ve dropped the hints, and repeated yourself over and over again, they SHOULD get the point. And yet, the same challenges keep repeating.
Burnt out High Achiever
You’re super independent, you feel like you can do everything on your own. But you’re also getting anxiety, burnt out, resentful, and starting to question if your work = your worth or if there is another way to go…
But They Count on Me!
All eyes on you babe, you’re the one who solves everyone problems, heals their woes, and can deeply hold space an relate… to the point of not having any time for yourself to recharge.
My Work is my WHOLE LIFE
Obsessed with work, how you preform, and starting to notice your relationships failing, and starting to feel like you need to understand the balance of passion and play.

What if you could...

As a high-achiever you understand...

Balancing life and work, showing up and taking care of those you serve is a full time job. You also know how important it is for you to come from a full cup, and just how hard it is to do that when you are under resourced and in the dark about how to navigate personal and professional space clearly.
That’s why this program has been created.
So that you understand where you are limiting yourself, and how to free yourself from rejuvenation, discernment, and clarity daily.

My clients have made leaps and bounds using the content in this program...

Here's exactly what comes in the Embodied Boundaries course

Why go one more day without healthy boundaries?

The program covers things like…

You'll walk away knowing exactly how to:

When your desires align with your boundaries you find freedom.

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Why should you be learning from me?

A good question that is important to ask when getting online courses!

I have been studying, facilitating, and teaching subconscious reprogramming, self development work, energetic cultivation, meditation, conscious confrontation and communication, coaching, and trauma healing work, NLP, NVC, and many more techniques for 12 years.

As a healer and naturally empathic person self worth and boundary work is something I have had to work hard to master to make my sensitivity and healing abilities my utmost strength.
Boundaries work is something I do with all of my 1 on 1 clients and something I have had to learn experience and avidly practice myself, from intimate relationships, to being psychologically manipulated and abused when I was younger. So not only is this something I know HOW to teach is it something I personally have had to master myself.
It’s one of my favorite things to teach, and something that can make big changes quickly in personal life, professional life, and in relationships.


10 In Depth Video Trainings All about clarifying, finding, refining, communicating, and claiming your boundaries

Guided Meditations & Self Hypnosis for supporting you through the process

A powerful practice for energetic fortification, discernment, centering, and will power cultivation

PDF & Journal Assignments

11 years of study packed into a “go at your own pace” curriculum 2 live zoom group coaching calls with Jess (if purchased before the end of Feb 2021)
This is a go at your own pace course, with 10-12 videos spanning from 12-60 minutes long depending on the section being taught.
Unfortunately not now, my time is very limited but I do have a wait list for working to me 1 on 1 high touch container, please email me @ jessicabenstock@gmail.com & fill out the application here.
This is a non refundable course.