A workshop series to provide practicing & aspiring coaching practitioners with tools+wisdom to serve their clients in a trauma informed & empowered way

Trauma Informed Frameworks & Templates To Instantly Apply to Your Coaching Practice & Sessions that 99% of Coaches are Missing

LIVE Coaching From 12 year Experienced Teacher & Practitioner, Jessica Benstock

Signature Trigger Archetypes Map To De-Mystify The Subconscious Blocks & Defense Mechanisms in Yourself & Your Clients 

Time Tested Wisdom For Navigating Through Self Development in a Way that Honors Your Unique Design

✶ Imperative Keys to Navigating Your Nervous System & The Journey of Your Energetic and Emotional Evolution 

And Yes, there will be a recording if you can’t join us live!


Course Series Lineup....

Workshop 1:

Trauma Informed Client Intake

Trauma informed professional client intake is one of the ways to make sure that you know exactly what the client you have is coming in with, if you have the abilities to properly work with their system, what you may run into along the way, and how to get to the core of what is creating the rest of their challenges.

✶ What makes an intake session ‘trauma informed’

✶ Steal my intake form for your coaching business!

✶ Recognizing and working with different nervous systems and different nervous systems work in different ways.

✶ Identify core blocks in your client before you work with them

✶ Substance use and it’s effect on the energy and psychology, medication, and history of things such as suicidal ideation & other mental imbalances

✶Childhood development, birth trauma, religious influences, cultural influences,  generational trauma, birth experiences, substance usage, psychological imbalances to lookout for, and how to spot core memories & hidden emotional dynamics.

✶ When to refer out & how to create referral programs

You will walk away from this course with the recording as well as a PDF & spreadsheet which you in your own coaching practice.

Date: Saturday Nov 20th 2021
Time: 12pm-2:30 CST
(This session will be recorded & sent out if you can’t make it live)

Workshop 2:

The Trigger Archetypes - a deep dive into energetic & psychological defense systems

Many coaches only know how to work with people who are similar to them & get majorly stuck, triggered, and at times judgmental when dealing with people whose  systems differ from theirs. This ends up being a MAJOR limiting factor when it comes to the reach you have & the results you can get with your clients.

Added to this if you only have an intuitive understanding of your own system & not a deep understanding of how and why it works the way that it does – you can easily pass your blinds spots onto your clients.

Enter: the Trigger Archetypes. The Trigger Archetypes are blueprints for how we defend ourselves when we are in an emotional trigger/trauma response. THIS INCLUDES DEFENSE PATTERNS IN SESSIONS where you feel blocks in your clients coming up but don’t know how to manage them.

The Trigger Archetypes give you specific ways to target and identify the core mechanics of the nervous system, how & why we defend ourselves, and what to do when this happens unconsciously with a friend, family member, client, boss, coworker, or partner. It also helps you to help them understand themselves better too.

Imagine having a simple framework to understand the emotional body of every person you meet  & how to work with it. This is what the Trigger Archetypes help you to do.

You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of each Archetype as well as some of the core antidotes to use when you come across them.

Date: Sunday Nov 21st 2021
Time: 12pm-2:30 CST
(This session and all resources will be recorded & sent out if you can’t make it live)

Workshop Bundle

BONUS Workshop:

The toolkit I wish I had 12 years ago!!!!

This is for coaches who want to better prepare their clients and/or themselves, embarking on the journey of trauma informed healing & holistic evolution.

I’ve invested 12 years into trauma healing work personally and professionally, watched 100s of clients go through this process, spent 9 years training practitioners, and let me tell you there are ways to accelerate your growth, and ways to make it much much harder than it has to be. So please, pull from my years of trail and error & take the gems so you can leave any unnecessary stuff behind.

We will go over things like…

  • Dispelling the false narratives around trauma & societal programming around healing

  • How to properly prepare for the journey of addressing & resolving trauma including what to expect, what makes it worse, & what makes it better
  • Cultivating emotional & spiritual maturity when approaching self development

  • The different seasons of healing & how to know what one you’re currently in, what to do about it, and where you’re going

  • Pitfalls and common mistakes to watch out for along the way

  • Go to tools for when you’re in the thick of it and need help

  • The tool of all tools that changes EVERYTHING in this work

  • What to watch out for when choosing a practitioner & more…

Date: Saturday Nov 27th 2021
Time: 12pm-2:30 CST
(This session and all resources will be recorded & sent out if you can’t make it live)