The Phoenix Path

Coaching Institute

Intensive training to master the art of holistic trauma informed coaching, depth healing & masterful mentorship

Advance your space holding expertise when it comes to the deepest emotional work with clients. Learn how to masterfully hold your clients & group's process & work with trauma when it arises in an empowered + specialized way.

The Phoenix Path Coaching Institute is an intensive training school to teach you tools to become more masterful, matured, and well trained as a coach & transformational mentor. From this curriculum you will be given tools to help create lasting & sustainable success with your clients with tools that honor their system, stages of development, and work with their nervous system & internal world with grace & agility.

This is for the person who wants to build a reputation, not just because you can market well, but because your work and client results speak for themselves. To be someone who stands out not just because you can make social media work but because your cultivation is self evident in the results you get with your people.

After 14 years of being a student, practitioner, and mentor of many forms of emotional resolution work I can tell you that the most important thing in becoming a successful coach, guide, and mentor is creating real, lasting change in the lives of those you work with. It’s from being in the mastery of your craft and having the skill sets which allow you to work with any human being and help them to really transform their own inner world.

This is a collection of the powerful, foundational, fundamental and trauma informed tools when it comes to getting to the core of what is holding others back, moving into the depths you may have previously been afraid to go to with clients, and with practice, knowing how to masterfully facilitate transformation in 1 on 1 & group containers.

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Apply here for our start on November 13th 2023:

Through the Phoenix Path Training you will learn to:

The skills & techniques you need to build a successful tool set as a trauma informed
coach with the ability to help your clients resolve core issues in a safe effective way:


Foundation Work

Length: 3 months

What you will learn:

Coaching skills informed by:


Advanced Depth

Length: 3 months

Advanced Practitioner Skill Set Development

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Apply here for our start on November 13th 2023:

How these trainings will work:

Logistics for the 2023 Cohort

• Applications will close when we are full•

• First call: Tuesday November 7th 2023

• First retreat: November 13th-17th 2023 in Boulder CO (virtual attendance is an option)

• Teaching & Technique calls will be Tuesdays at 11am PT/12pm MT/1pm CT/2pm ET

• Practice & Embodiment calls will be Thursdays with multiple times available depending on timezone.

• Last retreat dates TBD

This is for you if:

Trauma informed is a catch phrase now a days with so many people having a cognitive mental understanding of trauma but not a body based experiential ones.

The way I prefer to teach it is not from a fear-based standpoint of walking on egg shells but a client-centered self empowered connection based standpoint that imbues the practitioner and the client with trust for the client’s inherit wisdom and body based intelligence.

You absolutely love your practice with coaching, guiding, mentoring, and facilitation of groups and individuals in leadership and facing the hard stuff – but you want even deeper more advanced and embodied tools while also going deeper into your own growth and internal development.

You question if you can really take people where they need to go or solve the problems your ideal clients need solved. This can stop you from valuing yourself on sales calls and during launches, or when you’re promoting your services.
I mean… I don’t blame you, that’s the good stuff!
Real Deal trauma informed, not just learning about it from instagram posts.
This can show up as feeling like you know you have something to do or say when client hit big emotions, but you don’t know what.
You’ve come across clients with heavy trauma but don’t feel qualified to navigate it.
You feel like the promises you are making people are not being fully fulfilled because you need more cultivation or practice in the work that you do.
Being worried you’re not going to do it perfectly or not having the right frameworks make you feel frozen and question yourself

This is not for you if:


The best practitioners are the ones who go to
the depths of their own process. This is how all master
healers, therapists, and mentors are trained.

Through these courses you will be both client AND practitioner and work just as much on working through your own blocks and limitations as you will facilitating others.

Why should you be learning from me?

A good question that is important to ask when getting online courses and especially practitioner trainings.

I have been studying, facilitating, and teaching subconscious reprogramming, self development work, energetic cultivation, meditation, conscious confrontation and communication, coaching, and trauma healing work, NLP, NVC, and many more techniques over the past 14 years.

I live, eat, and breath this work and I believe that it speaks through who I am in my life, the results I get with my clients and the way that those who meet me speak about me. Reputation is not something I see that is built through marketing and fancy instagram pictures but how you show up in your life, your most intimate relationships, and with those who serve.

I have spent years studying with shamans, master healers, in intesnive trainings and working in multiple forms of trauma healing, subconscious reprogramming work and energetic cultivation work to get to the core of what makes transformation a lasting experience for those that I serve.

To me, this is not a spectator sport, I have had to go to the depths of my own pain, challenges, and blocks to rebuild myself into the woman that I am today – and that process is and always be an ongoing practice. And that is what makes an amazing facilitator, that is why I love teaching others to facilitate as well.

More of my background can be seen here

Apply here for our start on November 15th 2023:


The course all together is 10k including the 2 in person (or virtual) week long retreats, the 4+ hours a week of live training and practice sessions over 6 months, and the workbook and all included practices and videos in the portal library.

There is a payment plan option laid out in the application form

4 hours a week in class.

As listed above you will have two 2 hour calls every week weeks every month, you will also have to study outside of classes and practice what you learn so that you can cultivate the skills you are learning.

Unfortunately not now, my time is very limited but I do have a wait list for working to me 1 on 1 high touch container, please email me at & fill out the application by clicking here.

You will be able to be a demo session for class and in retreats in which case you’ll receive 1:1 work from Jessica.

Yes you will receive a certificate after completing this program.
Yes, there are options for the payment plans after you fill out the application.

This training will currently be taught 1x a year, and because of this the spaces are limited.

You get a certifcation for showing up to class, preforming, applying and practicing your skills, and doing a total of 20 sessions as a practitioner and 20 sessions as a client. This window of hours include the practices sessions we do weekly which means you will do a total of 8 extra sessions outside of class as practice.

Yes! The retreats are available virtually.

We will be teaching on a CST timezone though so what will be important is that you are awake and active during the calls.

This is a non refundable course.

This is going to be a high-touch training that supports your path as much as we can. You will have the training and practice calls as well as access to Jess and the teachers assistants throughout the course to support your process and answer any questions.

Just as your profession is something you are dedicated to, this work as it’s backbone is  to be honored and respected. The more you respect yourself by showing up the more you respect the container and the better you get. 

The calls will be recorded after, but it is highly suggest that you make the time to be live on these calls, if you want mastery you will be required to show up fully.

Mastery is a life path. Your dedication, devotion, practice (and honestly your obsession) are what lead you to mastery over something.

It takes a lot longer than one course to attain mastery over anything (anyone saying anything else is just talkin’ out their booty).

The tools you will learn will need to continue to be practiced over and over and over again, your own intuitive gifts will be cultivated as you use these techniques to make them uniquely your own.

Spaces are extremely limited to keep the integrity of the container so the waitlist likley will fill up before the deadline comes.

That being said the deadline to join the 2022 round is Jan 30th 2022

Spaces are extremely limited to keep the integrity of the container so the waitlist likley will fill up before the deadline comes.

That being said the deadline to join the 2022 round is Jan 30th 2022

A LOT. The way I teach is based on at LEAST 50 percent about interactive practicing if not more. I believe while the right info is good, what makes practitioners AMAZING is how well they do at their craft. And that comes from being hands on in your practices.

So happy you asked 😉

This depends on what YOUR system is ready for and where you’re at in your development, as well as how ready you are to change.

Bottom line – you will be going into your own process and the more directly you can come with the wanting to do this the better.

 If you want to be amazing at holding space for others you need to be well skilled in moving through your own process. The best practitioners are the ones who go to the depths of their own work. Through these courses you will be both client AND practitioner and work just as much one your own blocks, traumas, and inner depths as you will facilitating others through theirs.